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How to play fantasy cricket online?

Of late, playing fantasy cricket online has become a new fad of the day. This helps you to become a professional cricketer from being an enthusiast. There are different types of portals that allow you to play fantasy cricket online and you need to choose the one with care so that you end up getting at the best place. If you think you want to play this game online, there can be different ways of doing it. At this juncture when you are exploring about how to play fantasy cricket online, the following tips can help you in a big way. How about checking these points as under:

Select Match – In order to play fantasy cricket you need to select a match. There are several apps that help you choose how to play fantasy cricket that are based as per the different formats including ODI or T20. The apps allow you to choose the format from the drop down list. All you need to do is to choose the same from the list and move ahead. Also, the apps you can find the matches in two different categories one is the upcoming and the next is current.

Select League and Contest – With choosing the right app, you can find different fantasy games that are designed in order to appeal and test the diverse level of user skills. Some of these games are referred over the portal and these leagues can be found out with great ease. Currently, one can find different portals that are found in different leagues, which you need to check as per your choice.

Create Team, choose your Captain and Vice-Captain – Once you have chosen the contest or tournament to play you need to create your own winning team. You need to check the league first and then depending upon the requirement you can choose the team that fits the best on it.

Set Batting Order – Once you have our team along with getting the captain and vice-captain, you need to check the batting order. You need to set it in such a way that it should go for the maximum bash and fast score. The players are supposed to move ahead and placed in a proper order from top to bottom so as to have a balanced team. You can do it using the hold and drag option found in the app. You can find the batting order in a serial way from top to the bottom.

Pay and enter the Contest – Once you complete all your basic things like forming a team and doing other things, you now need to pay for the chosen contest. You have to pay it using your wallet from the app. You need a proper balance in your wallet and check things around.

Catch the live performance of your team – So now as you see the team playing it’s time to catch the performance of your team in the live match along with checking the score of the team. This can be done with the rank along with getting the refresh and updated kind of match progress.

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