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Sports Betting Industry Changing As Russia Invades Ukraine

The illegal invasion of the Russian military into Ukraine territories has a lot of global political and humanitarian consequences. One of the industries that were affected by the war is the sports betting industry.

Expected major changes

The ongoing crisis can make sports bettors expect a huge movement on the lines and they should also see a lot of odds being discarded on the boards. One of the heavily affected betting markets is the future bets, and also other lines will be expected to be adjusted after Russia’s  brutal invasion.

The Finals of the Champions League of UEFA was supposed to be held this May 28. Right now, the Gazprom Stadium in Saint Petersburg in Russia is still expected to be the venue of the event. However, that will change because of the recent announcement of the UEFA.

“The UEFA is in solidarity with the important concern of the global public for the security problems happening in Europe and we completely disapprove of the current political and humanitarian crisis going on,” according to the official declaration of the UEFA.

Today, an emergency caucus is scheduled by the UEFA Executive Committee to talk about and decide where the tournament will be moved. One of the most feasible venues for the upcoming finals of the Champions League is the Stade de France in Saint-Dennis, in which France is set to be the new host.

More adjustments are expected

The thing about the changes in the scheduled venues of any sporting events, is that the ty le bong da being placed could change as well. One of the markets that are heavily affected by this is futures betting.

The adjustments are at the discretion of the particular sportsbook which are mostly based on their terms and conditions; it may opt to cancel a particular bet and make a refund of money to the bettors affected. Also, they could decide to allow the bets to remain in place, it can be done by making a few adjustments on the published odds.

One of the rising concerns is that the UEFA could also make changes to other games that are scheduled. Next month, the Russia Football Union was supposed to host a national team-level qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar. However, those plans were scrapped because according to UEFA, they received a letter from the European Union making a request to cancel the event. 

The UEFA is joined by other organizations

The UEFA is not the only sports organization that is making changes because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Car racing event Formula 1 is also allegedly pulling out their racing events in the country, one of these is the Grand Prix in Sochi which is supposed to be set this September. Also, the tennis event ATP Challenger, which was supposed to be held in Moscow next week is also uncertain.  

The playoffs of the World Cup are also scheduled to be moved away from Russia next month. The national football teams of Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden also made a joint announcement publicly condemning Russia and requested FIFA to have their matches against Russia be moved, or they won’t participate at all. 

The basketball games of the EuroLeague are also being canceled, however the league has not yet officially made a stand. Barcelona was supposed to hold a match with two Russian teams this week, one this day and another to be played on Sunday. However, both matches were being pulled out of the schedule, and the games were postponed until further notice.


The global sports and online casino industries are heavily affected by the ongoing crisis and fans should expect more changes in the next few weeks. 

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