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Types of bonuses in slot machine games

The most important advantage of online casinos is that they give huge bonus offers to their players. These offers and promotions are for both the newcomer and for the existing players. If you compare the bonus amount with the land-based casino, the online casino gives a lot more. The reason why the bonuses play a vital role in สล็อตออนไลน์ machine games is that if the gambler is unable to turn his bets into win than soon he will empty his bankroll. If they have a bonus amount, then they can play for a longer period and get a chance to win and cover all the losses. Let us look at some of the bonuses you can get in the slot machine.

  • Cashable bonus: This is the type of bonus that is very common and also simple. This bonus can be withdrawn only once the player has played some fixed amount of wagering. The wager amount can be different in each online casino. So it becomes essential to read all the rules and regulations. In slot games, the required wagering amount will be less compared to other games. So this bonus can turn to be more profitable after you meet all the conditions.
  • Sticky bonus: To get the sticky bonus we need to meet the wagering requirement as in the cashable bonus. But one thing notice here is that few online casino websites do not have any wagering requirement to get the sticky bonus. A sticky bonus is a type of bonus that can be used when you are placing a bet but, you can never withdraw the stick bonus amount. The sticky bonuses can be divided into many other types of bonuses.
  • Phantom sticky bonus: The special feature of the phantom sticky bonus is that the bonus amount is added to the player’s bankroll and, the player has all the authority to use them when they are making a bet. But when the player is withdrawing the amount, the bonus amount is deducted. You can use only the sticky bonus amount to place the bet and, even if you lose there, is nothing reduced from your bankroll.
  • Free play bonuses: Some of the online casinos give the players free bonuses. Each time when they make some specific amount of deposit. The new joiner will also get this when they do, their first deposit after playing some wagering.


Finally, all the bonuses come with terms and conditions. Do not forget to read them else, you may miss out on some of the attractive bonuses.

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